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Finally, Something to See

(the reason for the question mark??? because we don't know where we are going to end up tonight - no reservations)

We have been driving hard for two days to make it as far West as we can. We discovered that all RV Parks are full on the Fourth of July so we had to stay in a motel last night. The AmericInn and that's pretty good place to stay on our Nation's Birthday!!! The hotel was located in the middle of a field but it had a full size shower and a bed so I was super happy about that.

We got up early this morning in beautiful Maquoketa, IA and headed about an 1.5 hours away to go see the Field of Dreams. Yes, the actual place where they filmed the awesome movie. It really was pretty cool to see. We made Caden run the bases. We made both kids act like they were coming out of the corn to play baseball. We sat on the bench and acted like we were watching a game. We told our kids all about our favorite parts of the movie. Yes, our kids hate us.

A few musing of our RV experience on the road so far:

  1. Did I overpack and think that I had a lot more shelf space than I thought I would have? - Possibly...

  2. Did the refrigerator open up while we were going 70 and everything fell out? - Maybe....

  3. Did we discover that our RV can only go about 45 miles an hour while going over mountains and we were given a dirty look by a lady on a moped type motorcycle passing us? Could be...

  4. Did Cameron do TikToks in full Michigan gear in defiance to all the Ohio State Fans that were at our first RV Park. There's a chance...

  5. Have our kids complained about everything from the time we pulled away from Leesburg? You better believe it!!!

  6. oh...and hardly anyone wears masks in these small Midwest towns,

More to come. Seeing other sights along the way today.....

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